Sunday, December 13, 2009

Orange Rolls with No-Rise Dough

I can't remember when I saw this recipe, but I actually made it months ago when I had some cottage cheese in the fridge to use and I somehow came upon this recipe that uses cottage cheese in the dough.
I was on a kick of trying out different cinnamon roll/breakfast recipes and decided to give this recipe a try.
I wasn't sure how my family would like the orange filling and glaze, so I made half of the rolls with a cinnamon filling- the one from this recipe.
My daughter helped me put together the dough and different fillings and this recipe was super easy, which I absolutely love.
The thing that is great about these rolls, is that they are ready in no time and they taste just as good as any breakfast roll that contains yeast. I was surprised at how well the orange rolls were received, especially by my hubby. He really liked them.
The only thing I changed was the glaze on the orange rolls. I just used a combination of powdered sugar and fresh orange juice.
These would be a great thing to try at a holiday brunch or breakfast because they are ready in a flash.

Recipe for Orange Rolls with No-Rise Dough from Our Best Bites


Sarah said...

They look delicious, Mary Ann! Adding orange is such a perfect way to make quick rolls really special for the holidays. Definitely making these.

Di said...

Mmm. Those look good! I don't think I've ever made an orange version. I have used that dough recipe with the cottage cheese, though, and it worked quite well in cinnamon rolls.

Unknown said...

These look wonderful! I don't think I've ever made breakfast rolls with anything other than cinnamon but these look and sound so good! Adding them to my list :)

laura said...

Glad to hear you like them. I've been holding on to this recipe to try too.YUM!

Pamela said...

They look terrific. Easy cinnamon rolls sound delicious to me.