Thursday, December 10, 2009

CEiMB- Twice Baked Potatoes with Sharp Cheddar and Oven Roasted Broccolini

This week's CEIMB recipe was Broccoli and Cheddar Stuffed Potato Skins with Avocado Cream. It was chosen by Anne who blogs over at Rainforest Recipes,
I did not make this recipe exactly. I did use some of the same ingredients and made something that my kids would eat.
Somehow I got inspired by the potatos, the cheese and then switched out the broccoli for broccolini. It just tastes so much better.
I baked my potatoes in the oven until I was able to scoop out the insides and then I just mashed the potatoes with 2 Tbls of unsalted butter, 1/3 cup fat free greek yogurt, 2 Tbls skim milk, salt and pepper.

I drizzled my broccolini with olive oil, then added some salt and pepper, and roasted it in a 400 degree oven until it was tender, about 15 minutes.
I put the mashed potato mixture back into the potato skins and then covered them with cheddar cheese. I popped them back in the oven, until the cheese was melted and the potatoes were warm throughout.

So, not exactly what the recipe said to do, but sometimes you have to improvise!

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Recipe for Broccoli and Cheddar-Stuffed Potato Skins with Avocado Cream


Joanne said...

Great changes. We were surprised by the flavor of this recipe. It sure wasn't lacking anything and the broccoli was a terrific addition. But... I really like the idea of broccolini on the side. :)

Smitten Sugar said...

I love broccolini! Cant wait to try roasting it.

Barbara said...

The color of the broccolini in your photo is amazing! And who doesn't absolutely LOVE twice baked potatoes??

Rachel said...

I've been wanting to try broccolini. Looks great!

Unknown said...

Twice baked potatoes are one of my favorites. Your version sounds a lot healthier than ones I've made in the past though!

Maria Salomon said...

Yes, I agree.....when there are kiddies involved, one must always improvise.....=))
Beautiful pics.....and beautiful potatoes!