Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Cinnamon Biscuits

My kids are always asking me to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I like making warm, delicious breakfasts, but I think I would have to get up at 4 am to have warm cinnamon rolls ready on a school day. A few years ago, I might have sacrificed my sleep and gotten up that early, but the older I get, the more sleep I need or the less willing I am to sacrifice my sleep for baking. Go figure!

We barely wake up in time to make it to school, so I was trying to find a quick alternative to traditional cinnamon rolls.

I was asking people on Twitter if they had any fast cinnamon roll recipes and Sarah, who has a wonderful blog- Blue Ridge Baker, told me about these Quick Cinnamon Biscuits that she found on Rebecca's blog- Ezra Pound Cake. Check out Sarah's post about these too- she topped them with a maple caramel sauce. Yummy!

I looked over the recipe and had everything I needed to try them out.

I made them on a Sunday morning and sure enough- they were ready in a flash!
You mix the dough together in a bowl and it is ready in, maybe 2 minutes or something? They are super easy to fill and roll, too.

The filling has nutmeg and cinnamon mixed with the brown sugar which I think really adds a little something special to these.

The recipe says that it yields 9 biscuits/rolls, but I got 12.
They do not taste exactly like a cinnamon roll that is made with yeast dough, hence the word biscuit in the recipe name, but they made my children very happy. If you do make these, know that they will have the texture and taste of a sweet biscuit.

My son ate the 2 that were leftover, the next morning on the way to school and he decided he liked them better cold. (I stored them in the fridge over night.)

I could totally get these ready on a school morning. There is hope for me.
You should try these- they are easy and delicious!

Recipe for Quick Cinnamon Biscuits

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Barbara said...

Those look fabulous! Great that you found a quick easy roll for the kids in the morning! (I like Ezra Pound Cake too!)

Meghan said...

They look beautiful!!! I'm with you - the more sleep the better! That's cute that your son likes them cold :)

Chuck said...

I love cinnamon buns! I wish I had a plate of these right now. Beautiful!

Chocolate Lover said...

These look yum! Will def try them! Thanks to both of you for the recipe!

Cathy said...

Yum! I love cinnamon buns and I love quick, so these sound great to me! We have sooo much trouble getting out the door on time in the morning. Maybe the wonderful smell of these baking will help get everyone going!

Anonymous said...

Your rolls look great! Especially for a nice quick version--they look very fluffy.

Sarah said...

They look wonderful! I'm so glad they were a hit! I think it's about time for me to make these again... Thanks for linking my post!

Chats the Comfy Cook said...

I made these also. They were amazing. Looking at your photo, one would never know that they were not yeast and taken hours to make. Enjoy.

Joyce said...

I like the fact that they are quick.

Katie said...

These look wonderful. You can never have enough cinnamon - yum