Monday, August 22, 2011

Raspberry Cornmeal Crumble Bars

I saw these and couldn't resist making them. Unfortunately for me, it was during my month of not eating sugar, so I didn't get to try one. But, I took them to share at a large get-together and there were no leftovers, so I figure they must have been delicious!

I am debating making them again, so I can actually try one, because they combine cornmeal and ground almonds in the crust, which sounds so yummy to me. I love these types of bar cookies that have real fruit baked into them. The perfect way to use summer fruit, in my opinion.

Here is the recipe for Raspberry Cornmeal Crumble Bars from EveryDay Food


BreAna {Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced} said...

These sound delicious! Adding them to my "to make" list!!

Pamela said...

These look phenomenal!