Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quinoa Cakes with Ham, Onion, and Chard

I saw this recipe in Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine and knew I had to make it as soon as possible.
It combines two of my favorite ingredients- quinoa and swiss chard.
I didn't really follow the recipe.
The recipe wanted caramelized onions, but I don't really care for those, so I kinda just did my own thing with the swiss chard and ham.
I followed the recipe for the quinoa cakes though.

I used Ellie Krieger's technique for making the ham crispy that I first discovered when I made her Cobb Salad. Basically, you slice the ham and cook it in a hot skillet, coated with cooking spray until it gets nice and crispy- it only takes a couple of minutes.

I cooked my swiss chard like this- making sure to keep all the beautiful stems in there, since they get nice and tender and yummy.

The final outcome was a really delicious dish.
You can leave off the ham pieces and make sure you cook the quinoa in vegetable broth and it makes a really great vegetarian dish.
Either way- this was a great success.
Really pretty with the chard and really tasty too.
You can find the original recipe by following the link below
Recipe for Quinoa Cakes with Ham, Onion, and Chard


Unknown said...

love that!

Anonymous said...

I've never had quinoa or swiss chard, but when I saw this recipe in the magazine, I bookmarked it. I'm glad to get a review and am definitely adding it to the to-try list now. Looks delicious.

Cathy said...

I can't even tell you how good this looks to me. I can't wait to make this!

Maria said...

Your photos keep getting better and better. Love them

Wendy said...

I LOOOOOVE quinoa and this will be fabulous! I wouldn't have thought of that at all. I might make it now for a light lunch!

Jessica said...

This looks so tasty! Mary Ann, you are the quinoa queen. I've been meaning to ask you your favorite ways to eat it because I have a lot of quinoa that I need to use right now. I'm definitely going to make this very soon. I just need to decide if I want to make it vegetarian or not.