Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snickerdoodle Blondies

Snickerdoodles are something that I remember having a few times growing up, but they weren't my favorite cookie or anything.
Some people feel different about them.
I saw these on The Recipe Girl's site and she is definitely a fan of snickerdoodles. You should read her post, it is really cute.

I made these on a friday afternoon, for an afterschool snack, just because.
I made 1/2 of the recipe and baked them in my 8x8-inch pan.
I might have underbaked them a little bit, but I ended up putting them in the fridge to help them firm up a little bit and they were fine.

I used one of my biscuit cutters to make little round cookie bars, instead of squares because it just makes it a little bit more fun.

These were a great little treat that my kids really enjoyed and they tasted even better the next day.

It's been so long since I have had a snickerdoodle that I can't really remember the exact flavor, but I think these taste exactly like their name- a snickerdoodle-y blondie.

Recipe for Snickerdoodle Blondies

Recipe for Snickerdoodle Blondies with a few additions/add-ins


Eliana said...

What a fun recipe. These look wonderful Mary Ann.

Joanne said...

I am one of those passionate Snickerdoodle lovers. there's something about cinnamon and sugar that just does it for me. These look great!

Marie said...

Oh yum, those look fantastic Mary Ann! I love snickerdoodles and I am sure we would love these!

RecipeGirl said...

Shaped things are always cuter, aren't they? Glad you enjoyed them!

Katie said...

These look divine and I love how you have cut them into circles instead of squares. Delicious

Tracey said...

I love that you cut them into circles Mary Ann. It really does make them more fun :)

Chef Aimee said...

A great combination of the two greatest desserts! :)

Stacy said...

These look scrumptious!!!!!

Lauryn said...

YUM! These looks amazing and I want to make them immediately!! Great photo!