Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homemade Graham Crackers with Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes

I saw the idea of Homemade Graham Crackers a couple of months ago and decided I would give them a try. I have mentioned my unfortunate "problem" with graham crackers here before, just that I like them a lot, so can't have them around.
I guess I was just curious to see if the homemade version had the same effect.
I used a recipe I saw on Smitten Kitchen and the dough came together easily. I realized when I was getting ready to roll out the dough that I had forgotten the +2 Tablespoons of flour and that is probably why my dough was so extremely sticky.
I still managed to get some of it rolled out and cut. My crackers were done in about 15-18 minutes, so watch these.
I didn't bake all the dough. I rolled some up and put it in the freezer for a later date.

Now, about the taste and texture.
Did these remind me of store bought graham crackers? Not really. The texture wasn't the same and the flavor wasn't really that close, in my opinion.
Were they yummy? Yes. Just not really what I would call graham crackers.
I slliced some of the frozen dough into rounds and baked those, which produced a chewy cookie. My kids preferred the round cookies, which I didn't photograph.
So, final answer on these- they don't really taste like graham crackers, but they are tasty.
Bake them yourself and see what you think!

Now, these graham crackers weren't alone. This wierd looking shake was the accompaniment.
Have any of you seen The Best Thing I Ever Ate, on the Food Network?
I don't watch a lot of tv, but this is one show that I really like. Basically it is just chefs and other food personalities talking about the best thing they have ever had in a certain category. It is pretty fun to watch.

On one of the episodes- I think it was about sweets, someone mentioned a Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake and how it was so good, they immediately ordered a second one.

I saw a recipe for this milkshake in Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine and once again, curiosity got the best of me.
It is so simple and broiling jet-puffed marshmallows might just be the best idea ever. (I think you could easily do indoor s'mores using this method).

I used slow churned vanilla ice cream and skim milk, and it turned out really good.
My husband even requested that I make him another one the next night after dinner.

The Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake stole the show!

Recipe for Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes

Recipe for Homemade Graham Crackers from smitten kitchen who adapted from Nancy Silverton's Pastries from the La Brea Bakery and 101 cookbooks


Teanna said...

Toasted Marshmallow milkshakes!?!?! DANGEROUS! That is awesome!

Cathy said...

I've been really curious to try homemade graham crackers, and yours look delicious! But the toasted marshmallow milkshakes - whoa! I'll be trying those ASAP!

janetha said...

goodness. this puts smores by the campfire to shame!! great recipe!

The Food Librarian said...

Holy smokes! Awesome!!!! Sugar coma inducing treats. - mary

Anonymous said...

I have a bad graham cracker addiction too. How is is possible that 2 sheets of cracker are one serving? I could eat the whole package!
I've been wanting to try making some, but never get around to it. Thanks for motivating me!
Oh, and if you've got a gas range, roasting marshmallows there is another indoor option. :-)

Sophie said...

Your homemade grahams look so nice! What a fun summer treat. Would love to crumble the grahams into that milkshake :).

~~louise~~ said...

I plan on baking up some graham crackers when I go visit the kids in April. I wouldn't even dream of showing them the Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake, oh heck what am I saying, of course I will:)

Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann...

Maria said...

Awesome! What a fun treat to make and eat!

Unknown said...

Oh my, toasted marshmallow milkshakes?? That sounds heavenly. If I had the ingredients here I'd probably make one now :)

Valen said...

I have tried making graham crackers many times and they never taste like store bought. I love store bought graham crackers and wanted so badly to replicate the taste and texture. That milkshake looks incredible!

Pam said...

Now that's really a new one, toasted marshmallow milkshakes! It sounds fantastic and addictive! Interesting with the graham crackers, bet they were delicious! Sure beats smores!

Amy said...

I absolutely love milkshakes and marshmallows...the two together sounds like the perfect combination! I am drooling just reading this post!

P.S. I've nominated you for an award at my blog!