Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes with Blackberry Salsa

 Ever since I discovered the fact that I like sweet potatoes last fall, I have been buying a couple every few weeks and cooking them in the microwave to use throughout the week.  I even planted some sweet potato plants in my garden.  I happened to have some sweet potato chunks in the fridge when I saw this recipe and I decided to make it for dinner.

I have made the quinoa patties that this recipe is adapted from (and they are superb!), so I knew these would be delicious.  They were easy to make and the salsa was the perfect topping.

Other people in my family are not fans of sweet potatoes, but I didn't mention that these quinoa cakes contained sweet potatoes and no one really noticed too much.  My youngest daughter had a little bit of trouble finishing hers, but the rest of us liked them.  I liked them a lot.

Here is the recipe for Sweet Potato Cakes with Blackberry Salsa


cherryflute said...

these are sooooo good- I baked them before taking them camping- even the meat eaters really liked them!

Anonymous said...

someone has "stolen" the name of your blog: