Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beet Hummus

 Somebody missed me.    Maybe even more than one somebody.
 I actually had a few people urge me to continue to share recipes here.  After taking a  little break,  I realized that I wanted to come back here and talk about food.   I love to cook and I love food, so it just makes sense.

 I had a Roast Chicken disaster in the middle of February and it was really sad.  It was quite the debacle and after that happened, I felt like I lost my mojo for a couple of weeks.  The defeat of the Chicken made me lose a little confidence in the kitchen and I played it really safe for a little while.  Then, I got inspired  and decided to try a few things that I had been looking forward to for quite some time.  This Beet Hummus was on that list.

 I love Hummus.  I have made every kind imaginable and I love beets, so combining the two didn't seem that weird to me.  I pinned a few different recipes and waited for the perfect opportunity to make this lovely dip.  One of my best friends was coming over for lunch one day and I wanted to make the best lunch ever.  I made this Beet Hummus, Homemade Veggie Burgers (the best one's I've ever had-don't worry, I will share the recipe later), Kale Chips (with Red Russian Kale), and Meyer Lemon Sorbet

  This Hummus was fantastic with all sorts of veggie dippers, but it was also really good smeared on top of the Veggie Burgers.   I made it the day before we enjoyed lunch together and that made it really easy to pull off a great lunch menu. I would like to try it again using golden beets as soon as possible.  It is delicious!

as a basis for this Beet Hummus, but didn't follow them completely.  I have made hummus so many times that I know how much of what to add to get the consistency that I want. 



Cindy said...

Mary Ann - Yippie you are back. So glad to have you posting again :)

Kasha said...

That hummus looks tasty! I am giving away some hummus and other goods in a nifty little package featured on my ghetto blog. It gets very few comments so your chances are good! Good luck!