Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simple Side Dish- Summer Squash and Spinach Saute

I really wasn't trying to use as many S's as possible on the title of this post. It just kind of happened.
One of our favorite side dishes is sauteed spinach. I usually prepare it with fresh lemon juice, a little garlic and salt, and some freshly grated Parmesan- like I did HERE or with turkey bacon and mushrooms- Here.
My kids absolutely love it. And I love the fact that they love something so green.

This time I decided to liven it up a little bit and add some summer squash to our spinach.
I sprayed an electric skillet with a little cooking spray and added my squash. Sprinkled on some Italian seasoning and added a couple Tbls of water to keep it from sticking to the bottom.
I sauteed it just enough that it still had a bite to it- no mushy squash for us.
Then I added our spinach and just sauteed it for a minute- just until it was wilted.
Add a bit more Italian seasoning and there you have it- A Super Simple Summer Side Dish.


Marie Rayner said...

Great minds must think alike Mary Ann! I did summer squash yesterday as well. Yours looks delicious! (as always!)

Unknown said...

That looks like a terrific side dish - so fresh and summery!

The Andersen Family said...

This looks great! Thanks so much for all your fantastic ideas! Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Easy and delicious, perfect for summer.