Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peach Frozen Yogurt and Georgia Peach Buttercream

I have been playing around with my photos a little bit. It's pretty fun.
I don't really remember how it came up, but some of us were talking about making ice cream and Nancy mentioned how delicious David Lebovitz's Peach Frozen Yogurt was and since I had peaches, I made it.

I didn't weigh my peaches (mistake)- I just assumed that my peach mixture was the perfect amount, but when I churned it, I realized I should have just measured the darn things. My frozen yogurt yielded way more than 3 cups and it was really peachy, which was fine with me, but I don't think it turned out exactly how the recipe wanted it to. We still enjoyed it. My youngest came in and saw me taking pictures and snatched the cone from me- so I let her hold it for the pic.

My mother-in-law had a birthday at the end of July and I decided I would make her a little cake. She had a really busy day, so I just made it, took it over and put it in her fridge, and she was surprised later, when she came home.

I saw the recipe for Georgia Peach Buttercream in the June issue of Southern Living and it sounded like a perfect, summery frosting. Plus, I live in Georgia, so I pretty much had to make it.
The frosting is a basic buttercream with peach puree added to it, to give it a light peachy flavor. I read a couple of the reviews and one of them said that the peach flavor was really light, so I added more peach puree than it called for. It did add a little extra flavor, but made the frosting extra hard to keep on the cake. I think this frosting would work great on cupcakes or a 9x13-inch cake. Maybe it was just really hot- once I put the cake in the fridge it was all good.

I used this cupcake recipe, which uses a white cake mix, but adds buttermilk, butter, and almond extract, which all give it a great texture and flavor. I made three 6-inch cakes and my mother-in-law called me later raving about the cake. She said it was her new favorite. Yay! for birthday success!
Here are all the links to the recipes

David Lebovitz's Peach Frozen Yogurt

Georgia Peach Buttercream Frosting

Basic White Cupcake

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Nancy/n.o.e said...

I love everything about this post! That frozen yogurt is one of our favorites and I'm excited to learn of a new frosting and a wonderful white cake!! Thanks for the shout-out.

TeaLady said...

That looks so good. I am going to learn to make FroYo.

And the cake is beautiful. Great job on both.

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of peach buttercream. That's worth a try. Your photos of the peaches is super!

Delicious Dishings said...

That cake looks gorgeous. I love the layers!

Anonymous said...

Both the cake and the frozen yogurt sound delicious. I need to bake/use peaches more often.

Maria said...

Frozen Yogurt is my FAVORITE treat! Peach looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Everything looks so good! Great photos of the peaches and the frozen yogurt! I'm glad the cake was a hit - it sounds really delicious!

Selba said...

Wow! the peach frozen yogurt looks so yummy!