Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fon-Tuna Melts and Papaya

Here is one of the ingredients in our Tuna Melts- Anchovy Paste. It may sound a little gross, but just a little dab of this stuff adds great flavor to so many things.
A simple, yet beautiful fruit salad- strawberry, kiwi and papaya
The inside of the giant papaya
The interesting papaya that I couldn't pass up at the grocery store. It actually had a great flavor and we froze some for smoothies in the future.

Fon-Tuna Melts from Rachael Ray's magazine. These were really good. Rachael Ray doesn't like mayo, so these had a lemon juice-olive oil dressing on the tuna that we all really liked. We also used provolone cheese instead of fontina. Yum-O! (as she would say)


Audrey and the Boys said...

Maybe if I keep trying your tuna recipes, I'll finally find one that Scott will eat! Tuna and mayo of course are the two things he despises!