Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eggplant Burgers with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Aggie shared this recipe on her Facebook page a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw the recipe, I knew I would be making these for dinner asap. I had picked a couple of eggplant from my garden the day before and couldn't wait to serve these up for dinner.

The burgers contain eggplant in 2 ways- steamed cubes and shredded. A few other ingredients are mixed in and then they are ready to cook.
They are topped with a delicious homemade tzatziki sauce and Aggie suggested serving them on toasted english muffins. I was happy to add a slice of homegrown tomato. Nothing beats a tomato from the garden!

These were a huge hit with my daughters. My 4-year old gobbled hers down and was the first one finished. My son was not a huge fan, but he doesn't really care for eggplant in any way. He still finished his though. I was glad that there was one burger leftover for me to have for lunch the next day!

Here is the recipe for Eggplant Burgers

Here is the recipe for Tzatziki Sauce


Unknown said...

what agreat & more healthy fun burger, I must try it.

soon to be Mrs. M said...

Hi I just wanted to say that I'm a new follower. I have been looking for blogs with recipes because I am trying to cook more often. Also I saw your impossible pumpkin pie cupcakes on pin interest and holy cow do they look yummy!