Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peppermint Ice Cream

There are so many delightful holiday flavors and I love almost all of them.
One of my favorites right now is Peppermint.
I made a Cooking Light version of Peppermint Ice Cream last year, and while it was pretty good for a lighter choice, with ice cream, I think that the real, full fat version produces better results. My family definitely agreed with me on that when I made this ice cream.
This recipe came from Simply Recipes, which happens to be the place where I found one of our favorite ice cream recipes earlier this year-Mint Chocolate Chip.

I happened to have 8 egg yolks in my fridge, leftover from my daughters birthday cake, so this recipe was the perfect way to use them.

This ice cream was silky, smooth and perfectly peppermint-y.
My husband loved it. He ate most of it. And whenever he loves the ice cream I make, I consider it a huge success.
This ice cream was so creamy and delicious. The perfect peppermint treat!

Recipe for Peppermint Ice Cream
* I used 2 cups whole milk and 2 cups heavy cream
* I used 2 tsp Peppermint extract


Smitten Sugar said...

Yum, once I saw the title of this post I instanly thought how yummy this would be sandwhiched between chocolate cookies!

Gabrielle said...

I am dying fave thing at Christmas is Pepstick Icecream!

Jennifurla said...

I love the color! It is gorgeous, I think I need to buy some pepperming icecream for xmas eve

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Gee, haven't visited in a while! Love peppermint, especially at Christmas! Thanks for the great ideas!

Doña Masita said...

Lo-ve-ly! I loved this recipe and the picture: So original! Thanks for sharing it!

Doña Masita

Shelby said...

Oh how I wished Ice Cream loved me as much as I love it! This would be one of my favorites!

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Oh.. so pretty. It looks perfect for this Christmas!!

Denise Michaels @ Adventurous Foodie said...

There's not much better than homemade ice cream. It was actually a summer treat when I was growing up. The holidays was always about pies and hot spiked cider.

But with Peppermint Ice Cream like this I think I might be convinced to blow the dust bunnies off the ice cream maker and make a batch. Yum!

Eliana said...

Even though it has been crazy cold in NYC I would welcome a few scoops of this ice cream anytime.