Friday, December 3, 2010

Mesclun with Pears and Pumpkin Seeds

Sometimes it is hard to get in any salad at holiday gatherings, but I figured if I made a salad to take to Thanksgiving Dinner, then I would probably eat it.
This salad is really easy. I was really wanting to try the beautiful red pears that I have seen in the grocery store and this salad is an easy way to use them.
I just used a basic spring greens mix and then whisked up the dressing and added the toasted pumpkinseeds. Easy and delicious.
I also included some pics of the tree stump cake and other goodies I recently made for a 80th birthday party celebration. The man we were celebrating had a career in forestry, hence the tree stump cake. There are more details on my other blog- sugar by Mary Ann- where I will be detailing some of the desserts that I am making as ordered.

Recipe for Mesclun Salad with Pears and Pumpkin Seeds


Pam said...

Your salad looks delicious but the cake is fantastic! You are very creative! It all looks delicious and very festive!

Beth said...

Your salad looks terrific. What a great mix of flavors! And those cakes and cupcakes are too cute!