Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curried Vegetable Couscous

This is another great recipe from the Mayo Clinic Cookbook that caught my eye, even though there was not a picture provided alongside the recipe. Kind of disproves something I said the other day about pictures being the inspiration for the dishes I choose to cook and bake, but oh well!

I love anything that has curry in it. Curry powder, curry paste- whatever it is, I love it.
My mom used curry powder in quite a few dishes when I was growing up and I think that is probably part of the reason why I love it so much.

I made this to take to a family dinner as a side dish and it was well liked by everyone which meant I didn't get as much of it leftover throughout the week for my lunch, but at least it was a hit.
It uses whole wheat couscous, which is almost exactly the same tastewise as normal couscous.
You use a food processor to mince celery, carrot, red bell pepper, onion, garlic and gingerroot and then saute the veggie mixture with the curry powder. (That is why the whole dish looks yellow, not bad lighting, just curry powder!)
Meanwhile the couscous cooks up and then you throw the whole thing together. It was so easy and really delicious.

I am going to try it again with quinoa or millet and can't wait to eat it again!

Recipe for Curried Vegetable Couscous


Marthe said...

This looks absolutely delicious! How is it cold? I'm wondering if I could take this into work as lunch and we don't have a microwave to heat up stuff...

Shelby said...

I love how colorful it looks and I'm not talking about the color of the curry! lol. Looks delicious and I am going to be keeping this recipe to try!

Unknown said...

this looks so lovely. Perfect for this summer!

Sook said...

Oh I love couscous! This looks wonderful! I am saving it. Thanks!

Marthe said...

Finally got around to making this today: it was sooo good!! What a great recipe@