Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Luck Dip

This is actually New Year's Good Luck Dip. I saw it on Ezra Pound Cake a day or two before New Year's and loved this twist on collard greens and beans.

I wasn't going to share it here since it has been a few weeks since New Years Day, but it was so delicious and I figured we could all use some good luck, probably more than just on the first day of the year. You can't really go wrong with dip and this one has some healthy stuff in it.

This dip starts out with a little bit of bacon. You cook a sweet onion, red bell pepper and then add the collard greens, and cook them down until they are nice and wilted. You might be thinking that collard greens can't fit into a dip. But they can. Make sure you finely chop the collard greens. To lighten this dip up a little, I used nonfat cream cheese and nonfat Greek yogurt. I was actually kinda surprised by how yummy this dip was. I also added some black-eyed peas since we had this dip the same day as the Southern Egg Rolls.

I used whole wheat pita chips as my main dipper, but I think it would taste great with veggie sticks too. Since it was sort of a New Year's party for our family, I splurged and bought some Frito dips, so they could use those to dip into this dip.

This was a great recipe and we loved how it turned out.

Recipe for Good Luck Dip
* I used non-fat cream cheese
* I used nonfat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
* I added some cooked black-eyed peas


Barefoot Belle said...

I love the addition of blackeyed peas to this--I think they would probably increase the "meatiness" factor. Sounds fabulous and perfect for watching football!

bellini valli said...

Chinese New Year is coming up so it is not too late to improve your luck.

Jennifurla said...

Looks super, love the texture & color

Audrey said...

Have I told you lately that you are amazing! I want to eat everything that I see! I wish I could live next door and enjoy all the food first hand or be as quick as you in the kitchen so I could stir up more of these tasty things more often!

druidaccountforsale said...

My, vegy vegy good! Looking at the ingredients makes my mouth water and craving for this creamy dip.