Monday, January 24, 2011

Fried-Egg-Topped Turkey Burgers with Kale Salad

Sometimes I see a recipe that looks a little bit wierd and interesting at the same time, so I have to try it. This was one of those. I couldn't get over the idea of a fried egg on top of a burger.
The more I think about it, I guess it isn't that strange. Kind of the same idea as a breakfast sandwich with egg and some sort of meat, just switched around a bit.

We don't eat burgers often, but every once in awhile we have some version of a burger and this time they just happened to be topped with a fried egg.
Maybe this is some sort of food fad, but if it is, I have never seen it before.

I changed a few things- like getting rid of the mayo that was on the bread, and switching out the Italian bread for a bun, but mostly we stuck to the recipe. We added romaine to the burgers and my kids even had some ketchup. Eggs and ketchup can go together, right?

The kale salad was the perfect thing to have on the side. Crunchy, raw and slightly tart. Letting the kale marinate in the lemon juice/olive oil softens it a little, but it still keeps lots of crunch.

If you make burgers at home often, this would be a fun way to change it up a little bit and even if you don't, it still makes a great dinner.

Recipe for Fried-Egg-Topped Turkey Burgers with Kale Salad
* I didn't use the mayo to top the burgers
*Instead of Italian bread, we used old-fashioned hamburger buns
* I used 93% lean ground turkey
*I made sure my egg yolks were cooked through, by flipping my eggs over


Michelle said...

my husband absolutely loves a fried egg on his burgers. i have been trying for years to get him to try a turkey burger. this might be the winning recipe!

Jennifurla said...

I just have to try this! I keep forgetting, this looks so tasty.

bellini valli said...

It does seem odd but the Australian burger has a fried egg on top as well as a piece of pineapple and it is loved. The egg develops a sauce as it breaks and is supposed to be quite good!

Holly said...

This look really delicious!!

Blog is the New Black said...

Been dying to try a dippy egg over a burger- YUM!