Thursday, January 21, 2010

CEiMB- Five Layer Mexican Dip

This week's CEiMB recipe is Five Layer Mexican Dip. It was chosen by Heather who blogs over at Mama Cooks. You can find the recipe on her blog or by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
The Five Layers in this dip are: 1- a delicious black bean dip, made in the food processor with garlic, cumin, and other things 2- corn/cilantro mixture combined w/ some of the leftover onion/garlic from layer 1, 3-mashed avocado with lime juice, 4-chopped tomato, jalepeno, and scallions, 5- shredded cheese.

I went back and forth about making this recipe, mainly because I have 2 tomato haters and 1 avocado hater in my family and didn't know how it would go over.
I decided to make it for a family dinner that we were going to because then there would be more mouths to fill and hopefully more people that would like this dip.
I didn't love it. Sorry. I am not going to lie to you. I wanted to really like it, but it was just ok.
I liked the black bean layer and I would have rather eaten that with the chips.
The corn/cilantro layer just didn't fit. I don't love frozen corn-not a big fan. Don't get me wrong, I love fresh corn on the cob, but not so much the frozen kernels.
I just didn't appreciate all the layers together.

That's not to say that there weren't those family members who loved the dip. There were some. They liked it so much that they were gifted the leftovers :)

Go check out the CEiMB Blogroll to see what everyone else thought about this one!

Recipe for Five Layer Mexican Dip


Joanne said...

Don't you just hate it when you take the time to make something and then it flops?
I didn't put a lot of time into this dip - didn't cook anything - and it turned out great.
There are a lot of versions of layered dips out there... I'd love to hear about the most favorite of all your family.

Smitten Sugar said...

I agree with you, some of those layers on there own might be good but I probably would like them all together! It looked beautiful though :)

Barbara said...

Well, all I can say is I'm glad some of your guests liked it! There are a lots of things I don't like, but know someone else will. The problem is, it's not much fun to make things like that.

Peggy said...

Sounds like I made a wise choice skipping out on this one this week based on your experience! It looks really good though!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't like this one; that's always a bummer. It looks great! I really like it though I don't have a lot of layered dip experience so I went into it with no expectations.

Chef Aimee said...

This cold weather has me craving Mexican big time! My older sister loves Mexican and just had her second child, so I am cooking next week for her and will totally steal this recipe for a Mexican feast! Thanks!

Susan said...

It looks good. Glad some liked it. Wanted to let you know I got the Chewy Oatmeal Cookie/Granola bars. I have to say they are better than the Chocolate Oatmeal almost-candy bars we made Tuesday. Thank you so much!!

Maria Salomon said...

I used the baked scoops too....they're good!
I needed a layer of sour cream in this one.....=))

Kayte said...

Loved this one, all of us. Just a hit on all accounts here, and one I will make again and again. Sorry you didn't like it, but it looks like the others at the gathering must have and that's always a pleasing thought. It looks delicious and your step photos are wonderful. Maybe next week's will be more of a hit for you.

Jessica said...

I didn't get a chance to make this last week, but I'm sorry you didn't like it. I usually make my own riff on the Whole Foods 7 layer dip and it's pretty tasty. I agree with you about the frozen corn, it just can't measure up to the real fresh thing.