Monday, January 26, 2009

Cooking Light Night- Chinese New Year- Stir Fried Shrimp, Stir-Fried Bok Choy, Chinese Dumplings, Long Life Noodles, and Double Mango Pudding

Happy Chinese New Year!

When I got the January 2009 issue of Cooking Light, the Chinese New Year menu caught my eye. It looked like the perfect menu to serve up at a party. I have never celebrated Chinese New Year, but thought that this menu was a good excuse to invite people over and have a party. We actually celebrated the Monday before since everyone was out of school and a few people were off of work. We had 12 adults and 5 kids that ate with us and the amount of food was perfect. This menu appealed to me because we love to eat stir fry and potstickers are also a family favorite. Also, all of these dishes came together really fast, so we didn't have to spend all day in the kitchen. I made the Mango pudding the night before and got the potsticker filling ready early in the day.
Overall, we loved this menu. The stir fries were delicious and the sauces were flavorful. We topped the pudding with whipped cream when we served it and it was a big hit.
I asked my husband if he liked these potsticker more than the ones that I make very frequently (Check them out HERE) and he wasn't sure because these ones were really good. If you need something quick to celebrate Chinese New Year tonight, try one of these- any or all of them are real crowd pleasers!

Just click on these links for the recipes:
Long Life Noodles
Stir-Fried Shrimp with Garlic and Chile Sauce

Double Mango Pudding from Cooking Light January 2009
Orange mangoes symbolize gold and riches. Prepare and chill pudding the night before. Whip the cream just before serving, and allow guests to dollop some on their own desserts.
3 mangoes, peeled and divided
2 1/4 cups water, divided
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin
1/4 cup whipping cream
1. Coarsely chop 2 mangoes. Dice the remaining mango.
2. Combine coarsely chopped mangoes and 1/4 cup water in a blender; process until smooth. Press puree through a fine sieve over a bowl; discard solids.
3. Bring 3/4 cup water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add sugar to pan, stirring until dissolved. Remove from heat. Stir in the remaining 1 1/4 cups water. Sprinkle unflavored gelatin over water in the saucepan; let stand 1 minute. Add the mango puree, stirring with a whisk. Pour the mixture evenly into each of 8 (6-ounce) ramekins or custard cups. Cover and chill overnight or until set. Top evenly with diced mango.
4. Place cream in a medium bowl; beat with a mixer at high speed until stiff peaks form. Serve with pudding.

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Marie said...

As always your pictures are amazing Mary Ann and I am going away with my taste buds tingling and feeling very hungry!!

Maria said...

What a celebration!! Everything looks amazing!! I love the mango pudding!!

Cathy said...

Everything about this menu looks fabulous, but those pot stickers are just calling my name! Lucky, lucky friends who got to celebrate the Chinese New Year with you!

Aggie said...

Oh I want some noodles and potstickers! I have to get over my fear of making potstickers...they look so yummy! The whole meal looks great!

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Mary Ann,
What a wonderful selection of dishes. I was going to do a post for the New Year's celebration. Gee, I wish I had, everything looks amazingly good!

Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I'm sad that the Year of the Rat (my year) has ended, but I'm looking forward to the new year.

Your Chinese feast looks delicious!

The Blonde Duck said...

You're so talented! I would have screwed all this up!

Barbara Bakes said...

What a fun idea for a party. I have been seeing recipes for pot stickers a lot lately. I'm going to have to give them a try!

Steph said...

That looks like the perfect meal! It must have been fun having an excuse to throw a party.

Pamela said...

I've been thinking about trying the pot stickers since the magazine arrived a couple of weeks ago. Glad you liked them!