Monday, May 24, 2010

Roasted Veggie Pizza

I saw a recipe for Grilled Veggie Pizza in Cooking Light and really thought it looked delicious. I decided to roast some veggies and make my own version of the pizza.

I roasted 2 huge half-sheets of veggies w/ olive oil, salt & pepper in the oven for 10-15 minutes @ 425 degrees F- which gave me enough leftover veggies for a quinoa/veggie dish and quesadillas later in the week.
The veggies I roasted were:
1 lb asparagus- cut in 2-inch pieces
1 eggplant-chopped
1 red pepper-chopped
1 green pepper-chopped
2 yellow/summer squash-chopped
2 zucchini-chopped

I used a whole wheat pizza dough from my local grocery store to make the crust.
I used my basic pizza sauce

The original recipe- Veggie Grilled Pizza
*I used fontina cheese and the fresh thyme/mint herb combination, like the recipe suggested but chopped my herbs before sprinkling them on top.

I really liked this healthy version of pizza and roasting that many vegetables at a time was great, because I had enough extra to last for a couple other meals during the week.

What is your favorite way to top your pizza?


Eliana said...

This pizza looks beautiful Mary. But as beautiful as it is, I normally prefer meat toppings on mine. I should have this one though to help me get ready for summer.

RecipeGirl said...

Looks delicious, dear. Grilled veggies are the best, aren't they? I think I'd be happy with a plate of those for dinner :)

Unknown said...

Love grilled veggies. This looks perfect

Katie said...

Looks so delicious. Love how you used eggplant on top. I love adding some grated carrot or beetroot to mine - sounds odd but tastes yummy

Anonymous said...

great idea to roast the veggies once and have three meals!

I make pizza every Friday night, much to my husband's dismay - he gets sick of it!

I make a Mexican pizza - I sub enchilada sauce for the base, then put shredded chicken, black beans and corn and pepper jace cheese. Once it cools a bit from coming out of the over, I sprinkle with cold fresh shredded lettuce and jalapeno pickles on my half - divine!

Jake B. said...

Can't find the original recipe. The link isn't working

Becky @ Project Domestication said...

Wowza. This looks so good. I could go for one a slice tonight!

Aggie said...

Oh my heaven!!!