Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eggs Barbacoa, kindof

I don't like meat. I don't like to cook it or eat it, so we rarely have it on our dinner table. Of course, if my kids want meatballs or chicken strips/tenders, I take the time to make them, but we usually eat vegetarian meals and lots of fish/seafood.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I saw a recipe that I really wanted to try in Cooking Light Magazine. And it called for beef. It was weird for me because usually meat/chicken dishes do not appeal to me at all.

Then, at the Farmer's Market, a nice farmer/professor had a booth about his grass-fed beef and so I went to talk to him. I asked him lots of questions, even specific ones about how his cows were processed. I took his business card. I thought about it for a couple of weeks.
I decided that if we were going to only eat beef once a year, then it was perfectly okay to pay a higher price for it.

My neighbor happened to buy some grass-fed beef from the same man and she said it was the best beef she had ever tasted.

Now, I kinda did my own thing on putting this together. I cooked the beef according to the Beef Barbacoa recipe but made all sorts of changes when it came to the complete dish. I don't really remember what I did actually, so that is why the picture here and the picture featured over at Cooking Light look entirely different.

The beef was good, but I still just don't care for it. My family on the other hand was really excited about the meat.

Recipe for Eggs Barbacoa

Recipe for Beef Barbacoa


Eliana said...

This looks delicious. I have always been a big meat eater. I had grass fed/free range chicken last night for the first time and it tasted so much better. Can't wait to try this recipe out with some grass fed beef.

Cathy said...

Looks delicious! I've don't eat beef nearly as much as I used to, and it's amazing how quickly you can lose your taste for it. This looks like a great dish though, and a good option for an occasional beef splurge!