Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cornbread Salad, Buffet Style

I have made this type of salad before, but I forgot about it until I saw Prudy's recent post about it. Her version is more organized, but when I saw that I had leftover cornbread from THIS, I decided a quick salad was in order. I chopped up whatever veggies we had, leftover meat that was in the fridge, and threw it all together. Next time you have leftover cornbread give it a go!
Cornbread Salad, Buffet Style by Mary Ann

chopped red pepper
chopped scallions
cherry tomatoes
shredded cheese
chopped zucchini
frozen corn, thawed
black beans and kidney beans
matchstick carrots
spinach and red leaf lettuce
crumbled cornbread
fat free sour cream mixed with Ranch seasoning (Dip)
steak or chicken

Pile some lettuce and spinach on your plate and add other foods accordingly. Enjoy!


Prudy said...

I love cornbread salad soooo much. It's another one of those foods that I can't stop eating when I'm pregnant. Or even when I'm not.

Mandy said...

I am salavating!!! Delicious