Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog AwardS

Aggie who runs Aggie's Kitchen gave me this "I love you this much" award! Thanks Aggie!

I am passing it on to Prudy over at Prudence Pennywise, because every recipe she delivers is gold!

Noe from The Dogs Eat the Crumbs passed on this award to me! Thanks!

Here are the Award Rules:
1. when you receive a diamond, make a post about it on your blog.
2. name the blogger from whom you got it.
3. award the diamonds to seven other bloggers.
4. link them.
5. and tell them they got one.

Here are some of my favorite blogs! It has taken me a couple of weeks to get this post up, so I am telling ya'll to go and check out these blogs if you haven't already and see for yourself why they are so great!

Alexa- Artsy Foodie
Rainbow Brown- Brown Interior

Jenny- Picky Palate


Prudy said...

Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you on the awards! And I'm flattered that you thought of me. Thank you!

Maria said...

Congrats to you!! Well deserved!
Thanks for the award! You are too nice!!

CB said...

aaawwww... award for me? You are so sweet! Thank you! *muah*

Bridgett said...

Congratulations on your awards! Each one is definitely deserved.

Jenny said...

Huge congrats to you Mary Ann! Your blog is very well deserving of these awards and thanks for passing on to me!

Alexa said...

Congratulations Mary Ann! You deserve them, your blog, enthusiasm, and recipes are a delight. I always look forward to my next visit.:-)
Thank you for passing this award on to me. I am deeply touched...