Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brussels Sprout-Sweet Potato Hash

I saw this recipe on facebook and loved the idea of a savory, veggie-filled breakfast. Since now I like sweet potatoes, I was really excited to try this dish. I also love brussel sprouts, so I knew this had to be good.

This quick breakfast was delightful. It took a few minutes to prep the vegetables, but once they were ready, the whole thing came together really fast. Because the sweet potatoes are finely shredded/grated, they really don't take that long to cook. I added a fried egg on the side and decided to add this to my weekly breakfast menu. It's fast, nutritious and soo good!

Here is the recipe for Brussels Sprout-Sweet Potato Hash


Jennifer (Savor) said...

Thank You for the link love and trying something new for breakfast!

Kasha said...

Super healthy and delicous. I love Brussel Sprouts! I used to stalk your blog more frequently but I have been unable to multitask after the newest addition to my fam. I am now shamelessly promoting my husband's new biz and site to help it move up in the page ranks because we need all the help we can get. Don't mind me, but keep being wonderful in the kitchen!



Unknown said...

Mare- I need your help!I want to make some pasta bakes for Juliet's Birthday party. help me?

Delectably Green said...

Sounds and looks wonderful - love a delicious and healthy start to the day!
Mary x

Mary Jolley said...

I love this idea!

Mary Jolley said...

ok- I made this and the flavors were great. I shredded the brussel sprouts up and cooked them mixed in with the sweet potatoes.