Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lighter Everyday Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a once in a blue moon treat for us around here.
Mostly because I think the work required is not really equal to the result. I do not mind a cinnamon roll every once in awhile but they aren't a favorite of mine.

I decided to give these particular cinnamon rolls a chance because they were both quicker and healthier, well, if a cinnamon roll can really be healthy in any way, shape or form. You know what I'm getting at.

This recipe is actually the first recipe that I have tried from The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook and if this recipe is any telling of what the rest of this book has to offer, then I can't wait to get busy cooking and baking from it.

We could all tell that these weren't as decadent as a normal cinnamon roll, but they still had great flavor and the texture was just as good. Plus, they were ready in a fraction of the time. I mixed up the dough and right after that I rolled it out, filled it up and popped these in the oven.

My son was so excited that these were called "Everyday" cinnamon rolls because he figured that meant I could easily make them on a school morning. It is a possibility!
Recipe for Lighter Everyday Cinnamon Rolls
* using a bench scraper is essential so you can get this dough to roll up- it is very sticky and soft, but it is possible if you follow the directions
* I used low-fat buttermilk


Julie higgins said...

Those look delicious and I wouldn't have guessed they were "lighter". I have a cinnamon roll recipe that has a lot of steps & definitely a lot more fat, so I'm looking forward to giving these a try! Thanks for sharing :)

mr. pineapple man said...

cinnamon rolls!! my favorite

bellini said...

I am a hige fan of cinnamon rolls Mary Ann!!!!

Kitchens said...

What a wonderful idea! A lighter cinnamon roll. I would never have even thought about the idea! Definitely going to try this out!Chocolate mousse cake. Watched the video on how to make it. My Paying Guests this summer are in for a treat.