Saturday, May 2, 2009

Almond-Quinoa Muffins and quinoa for breakfast with fruit and milk

I can't even remember when exactly I saw these muffins on Wendy's blog- Pink Stripes, but I had seen so many other tasty looking things from the cookbook- Veganomicon, that I decided to order it. (Don't tell my husband- actually it was a couple of months ago, so I guess it is okay now.)

These muffins are the first thing that I made. I already had some cooked quinoa in the fridge- a mix of red quinoa and regular, so I didn't have to cook any especially for this recipe. These muffins were good. Almonds, apricots, quinoa- what else could you want in a muffin? They were gone within a couple of hours!

I also saw another idea for eating quinoa that looked really interesting- serving it with fruit, milk, and any other toppings you want for breakfast. I added a little brown sugar too. Oh, how I love quinoa!

Coming Tomorrow- Jicama and Black Bean Salad


Marie said...

Everything looks quite tasty Mary Ann. I don't mind quinoa. I was a bit concerned the first time I cooked it because it looked like it was full of little curly worms. If I close my eyes, I'm ok with it!

Steph said...

Putting quinoa in a muffin is such a great idea! It must add such a nice texture to them.

Kasha said...

This looks healthy! Just what I need! Where does one find this quinoa? Thank you for the healthy inspiration!

pinkstripes said...

Ooh...I'm glad you liked the muffins. They were delicious!

Anonymous said...

wow! i must try these muffins. i never even thought to add quinoa to muffins OR to make quinoa for breakfast. thanks